Cogent Supporting Retailers During Covid-19

Cogent Associates Facilities Management is proud to be supporting our clients during this challenging time. In the food retail sector, our client Aldi Ireland has been focusing on keeping their 142 stores throughout Ireland operational and providing essential services to local communities.  Cogent are supporting Aldi with continued planned, preventative and reactive maintenance consultancy services.

Several new operational standards have been introduced to store operations in response to COVID 19, including the installation of perspex protective screens to all till points. These measures allow Aldi managers to focus on serving their customers knowing continued best practice hygiene and safety standards are being maintained.

The value of industry leading facilities management services cannot be overstated during this time. Cogent Associates can provide the stable and reliable service from which your business can respond to current and future challenges. Peace of mind that your buildings and its services are being looked after and will function seamlessly means you can focus on core business needs. It is widely accepted that life after COVID-19 is going to be challenging and Cogent are available to provide FM support.

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Cogent Associates Update on Procedures as a Result of COVID-19

Cogent Associates update on the procedures we have taken to protect the health and safety of our workplace and to ensure service continuity, as a result of COVID-19.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and have plans in place to deal with the worsening situation. This includes a commitment to our clients to maintain a consistent level of service continuity. We have taken various measures to help contain it. These include:

Business Continuity: All our employees have the ability to work at home remotely and securely. The required infrastructure and connectivity to our systems has been established and tested.
Best Practice Health Measures: We have provided specific “best practice” guidance to our employees on how to help contain the spread of the COVID 19 virus.
Meetings: Non essential visits to our office or attendance to meetings are limited and meetings are conducted by conference or video calls.
Business Travel: We have suspended non essential travel for our employees.
Contingency Planning: We have internal protocols set up to deal with various scenarios where the health and wellbeing of our employees may be affected.

We are working hard to ensure business continuity for our staff and clients during these difficult times and hope you, your families and colleagues stay safe. For further information Contact Us.