Construction Management

The Construction Management service that Cogent provides is for clients who are looking to transfer the procurement and management of their construction projects from design to completion.

We offer an end-to-end service, managing design and planning before we move to construction and completion, procuring each service as and when required and working closely with each contractor to control the project schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope and function – for a streamlined project delivery.

We have over 20 years experience working with consultants and contractors, using various procurement options to ensure effective procurement. Furthermore, our knowledge and understanding of the local structures and agencies places us in a unique position to identify and mitigate any hurdles up front.

Construction Management saves the client time and money and minimises risk through greater flexibility and project control.


Key Features of Construction Management

  • Both Design & Construction are Coordinated – scope may not be defined upfront
  • Greater Programme Efficiency – ‘fast track’ by overlapping design & construction
  • Greater Quality Management – of materials and finish
  • Partnership Arrangement – with greater clarity at each stage and client interests prioritised throughout
  • Flexibility in Implementing Changes – as work packages are procured in stages
  • Commercial Management- ongoing advice to improve project delivery and viability
  • Risks are Reduced – as each package is procured and evaluated separately
  • One Point of Contact – for design, construction and reporting
  • With Regular Reporting for greater clarity.

For Cogent Construction Management Projects: Biomedical Facility

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