Consultancy Services

Additional Services
In addition to our core services of cost and project management, we also offer the following services:

Construction Management

We have experienced Construction Managers who can provide a professional and non-adversarial way of organising and directing manpower, materials and equipment to accomplish the building designer’s vision for a project, without using a main or management contractor.

Programme Management

Our programme management service starts with strong leadership in our team to set the tone of cooperation, collaboration and open communication with all stakeholders to the programme. We understand the factors that drive programme success, providing the knowledge and tools for effective implementation that enable all resources to be in place for successful delivery.

Risk Management

Identification and mitigation of project risks is inseparable from our core services of programme, project and cost management. However, as independent cost and financial advisors to the construction industry, We offer risk analysis and management as a separate, as well as an integrated service to our clients.

Whole-life Costing

We provide advice to occupiers, developers and contractors on the costs of construction, capital tax allowances, facilities management costs, life-cycle replacement costs and residual value, carbon, as well as potential income from Feed-In Tariffs.

PSDP Services

PSDP consultants help to ensure that construction projects deliver good value and are safe to build, to use and maintain. We achieve this by providing advice to project teams and facilitating in-depth consideration of the health and safety implications of the design.

Construction and Property Tax

We have experience advising on construction and property related expenditure helping clients to maximise tax savings while complying with complex regulations.


Clients often need access to independent, expert advice to support and supplement their own resources. Our team of consultants work together, sharing experience and knowledge to identify and manage the opportunities to improve efficiencies, minimise risk and secure optimum value for clients.

Development Management

As Development Managers we take a project from inception through to completion, creating a property asset along the way. We manage the team and any third parties and negotiate all the necessary consents for the project.

Dispute Management

We have in house specialist Dispute Management personnel who can provide independent advice associated with avoidance, management and resolution of construction related disputes.

Distressed Projects

When a project runs into problems either with construction work or funding, banks need to take expert advice on what to do next. As one of the most experienced companies offering a Distressed Projects service, we have the knowledge to appraise the construction aspects of a development and to advise the funders of their options.