Project Management

Our flexible approach to project management is central to the successful delivery of clients’ developments and construction projects.

We have built our project management teams from people with expertise in all sectors of the property and construction industries. Our Project Managers will place you, their customer, at the core of the project delivery and will assemble a team to deliver successfully your project.

We cultivate and manage key relationships with each client so we truly understand their goals and then take ownership of their project, therefore we constantly get repeat business from our customers.

We drive value for our customers to achieve their objectives at a competitive price.

Our team is skilled at working within complex stakeholder environments and at managing strong stakeholders. We bring unrivalled experience and a first-class reputation which gives clients the confidence that we will always be working in their best interests. We strive to develop solutions that meet our client’s brief and permit the team’s members to meet the challenges they face.

The diverse backgrounds, qualifications and experience – be it architecture, commercial property development, structural / civil / mechanical / electrical engineering, IT, or building / quantity surveying – of our Project Managers will dictate who we select to ‘take ownership’ of your project and become your key point of contact during the project.

Your lead adviser’s role:

Working as a team

Each member of your appointed team will know their responsibilities and the creative environment we establish will add value to your project and money to your appraisal.


Whilst short-term targets will be individually identified, all team members will have recognisable and achievable objectives and deadlines set which will result in a team report and decision gateways for your approval.

Design Management

Our approach to design management has two spheres of influence. The first is to establish a series of stages which are completed quickly and which flow from one to another and are part of an overall timescale which is strictly adhered to. To proceed from one stage to the next requires the designers to have successfully completed the preceding stage. We build discipline and structure in to the Design Process.

Our second sphere of influence is one of creating the correct environment and atmosphere in which the designers can perform.

We believe that by working closely “at the drawing board” with designers and by understanding the way designers work we can create a better product in a shorter time. The key is one of giving guidance and advice at the right time – not too late so causing redesign – not too early so stifling creativity. This is based on experience and empathy with one’s team members.

Cost effectiveness

Getting the most out of your teams at an optimum cost to your business is essential.

Best value in relation to construction costs comes from controlling the design and ensuring that the most suitable design solutions, procurement options and construction techniques are used.


Your quality standards are what we work towards achieving as a minimum. These will be benchmarked and costed from Day One.

Occupation costs

The long-term cost of running your completed project relies on the correct choice of materials and construction techniques. We apply life cycle costing and management techniques to ensure the right decisions are made from the start.

End user satisfaction

The satisfactory operation of the eventual occupiers’ building relies on them being part of the equation from Day One.

Our project management approach and methodology

We will ensure your success by:

  • actively managing the project through meaning full relationships with the team’s members
  • listening to and facilitating intervention from all the team members
  • developing your project management structure and documentation (project brief, execution plans, communication plans, reports, minutes, programmes, change management procedures and documents etc.)
  • guiding the project forward in all its facets by both personality and management systems.
  • collaborative team working
  • active management and review of the programme
  • creativity and innovation in our service delivery
  • procuring and contracting with the team utilising detailed scope of services/works, contracts, pricing documents and project brief
  • ensuring that you, the client, can make informed decisions and provide the direction to the team to guide the project to its successful conclusion

Other services:

Our team of project managers can also provide you with the following services:

  • Move management procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Employer’s Representative Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Technical Due Diligence