Rapid Build for Residential Projects on Site

Some optimism for the construction industry as residential  projects resume on site. Rapid build modular systems and materials such as room pods and ICF will ensure that social housing developments such as Cluid’s The Gallops, Co Cavan and Milltown, Co Kerry, where Cogent are acting as ER, can proceed in earnest.

Modern Methods of Construction

An increasing number of residential projects are using rapid build modular systems to improve efficiencies in programme, consistency in design and to reduce the number of personnel on site. Housing Associations and Councils have been particularly quick to adopt these methods in the delivery of social housing. We are currently on site with Cluid Housing Association and Dublin City Council using the following methods:

The Gallops, Co Cavan34 houses being constructed using prefabricated room pods. Constructed off site, in a controlled factory environment, delivered and lowered into position. The first 12 units are now fully occupied and were completed prior to Christmas. Upon site reopening in early April, 10 more units were delivered and fully installed in the first week back onsite, with more units due for delivery shortly.

Milltown, Co Kerry54 energy efficient houses, using Thermohouse ICF (Insulated Concrete Form), which is an all-in-one lightweight system comprising interlocking walls, floors and roof panels which are produced in a controlled factory environment before being delivered onsite and pieced together like Lego. Cogent worked with MC Group in delivering a similar scheme in Killarney which completed in late 2020 and delivered 61 units (youtube video).

Dublin City Council – 261 new homes across four sites delivering a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments and houses – incorporating the latest renewable energy systems and 2D panelised materials. This project is the first of its size and scale within the state of Ireland. The technical requirements are onerous and one of the key issues addressed within this project was a review of the acceptable certification of materials and specifically the certification of composite solution being proposed.

Cogent Associates are providing Employer’s Representative Services to Cluid Housing Association and Cost Management Services to Dublin City Council.