Kevin James speaks about “The Real Costs of New Apartment Delivery”

Kevin James this morning spoke about the “The Real Costs of New Apartment Delivery” Report published by the SCSI today.

The Key Findings were as follows:

  • The cost of delivering a low rise apartment in suburban Dublin is €293K
  • Delivery cost of medium rise apartments in the city ranges from €470K to €578K
  • Report finds delivery of affordable medium rise apartments in Dublin is not commercially viable
  • Affordability analysis found viable apartments require joint income of €87,000
  • Construction costs make up 43% of total cost, while soft costs – such as VAT, margins, levies and fees make up – 41% of total costs
  • Site purchase costs make up remaining 16% – but site costs range from €33K to €125K per apartment
  • Surveyors say addressing costs issue requires multi-faceted approach including increasing supply of serviced land, flexibility in design, and improved rates/access to financing

For full report here