Cogent’s Anthony McCarthy talks Facilities Management with the Business Post

Anthony McCarthy, Director at Cogent Associates, featured in this week’s Business Post Commercial Report – highlighting the need for independent strategic review and forward planning when reimagining the workplace in a post-Covid environment.

28th February, 2021, Business Post:

“Efficiency runs central to the success of every work environment. The occupied space needs to be capital-cost efficient, deliver on required performance requirements, while considering annual running costs and environmental impacts. With so many strands to consider, sometimes fresh eyes are required to solve the conundrum of how to achieve that desired goal of efficiency.

This is the space that Cogent Associates operates in. Established in Dublin in 1999, the award-winning company has become a leading property and construction consultancy to clients in Ireland and across Europe, with facilities management an integral part of the service provided.

With development and cost expertise across the many facets that feed into how buildings are put together and how they operate day-to-day, the firm is uniquely placed to ask the right questions and present solutions that go beyond established and often outdated traditional models.”

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